Viva Las Vegas!

Two weeks ago, I road tripped to Las Vegas. I love to drive instead of fly when possible. Why? you ask? Are you insane? you ask?

I don’t know, maybe, but if so, I’m not sure it’s because I love a good road trip. But who knows.

Here are some reasons I love to drive:

1.       Getting to see different parts of our country. Not to get cheesy, but there is so much beauty, so much diversity in our landscape here in the US. It’s easy to forget that when we’re used to our own little spots.

Utah Utah More Utah More Utah What, Utah! What, Utah!

2.       None of that airport nonsense. Keep license accessible, but DO NOT LOSE IT! Quick, get that lap top outta there!  Did I wear matching socks? Will my dog think I’m dead? Did I really have to bring this much photo gear? Yes, yes I did.

3.       Quality time with humans! A road trip is a great antidote to all the screen time. If it’s a road trip of any substance, you can kiss your wireless network goodbye, which means good old fashioned talking and hanging out. It’s basically a mini marriage retreat if you’re driving with your spouse, which I usually am. I love it! I’m also pretty good at twenty questions.

Death Valley Death Valley

We did a lot of car-based exploration while in Vegas, too. We drove to Death Valley. Our rental car lost AC capabilities (thanks, Enterprise!), but that’s OK because Enterprise was super cool about it, made everything right, and I’m 100% going to rent from them again (thanks, Enterprise!). We saw some amazing stuff though. I had no idea Death Valley was so beautiful and weird!

A magical garden/chocolate shop A magical garden/chocolate shop

This one definitely reminded me of Snoopy's brother Spike. Anyone? This one definitely reminded me of Snoopy’s brother Spike. Anyone?

We also visited Red Rock Canyon, which looked like a canyon Dr. Seuss would imagine. I didn’t bring my camera that day, though (give me a break, I was on vacation!).

Another highlight was seeing Cirque de Soleil’s LOVE. I’d never seen them before and was totally blown away!


Of course, the best part of the trip was hanging with family. 😊

In N Out :D  In N Out 😀

I’m always so grateful when I get to travel. Every time I leave feeling inspired, happy, and ready to get back to my amazing clients!

Green rocks in Death Valley Green rocks in Death Valley


  1. Janessa Valentine

    People always say I’m crazy because I prefer to drive also! I’ve never been to Las Vegas but this makes me want to go so much more now!


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