Westin Riverfront wedding

How to save money on your Denver wedding photography

Westin Riverfront wedding

Something I hear a lot is that Denver wedding photography is expensive. I get it. Weddings add up, and even if you’re being smart about your vendors and budget, something’s gotta give.

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Some couples opt to lower their budget on their Denver wedding photograph. While that’s definitely an option, there are risks! It’s worth educating yourself about the pros and cons of going with a cheaper photographer.

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But I want to offer some alternatives to the “unofficial” wedding photographer.

Today’s tip? Hire your photographer for less hours of coverage.

Westin Riverfront wedding

Here’s how to do it:

Work your timeline.

Be smart about when your photographer is around. Depending on your timeline, it may make more or less sense to do a first look. You may need to miss your cocktail hour. Your day should ultimately be about YOU, but if you’re comfortable negotiating your timeline to get the Denver wedding photographer you LOVE, why not do it?!

Westin Riverfront wedding

One location.

Keep your entire day at one location. Or, if your day is spread out over more than one location, keep them as close as possible. This will save not only on travel time, but on parking time – which we all know is an issue for Denver wedding photographers!

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Solid transportation.

Closely related to the location hack, make sure your Denver wedding photographer has solid transportation if you’ll be celebrating at more than one location. This may mean your photographer rides with you, or you have enough leeway time for your photographer to beat you to your next location.

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Skip the dancing photos.

Don’t skip all of them for goodness sake! Dancing photos are the BEST. But honestly, you don’t need your Denver wedding photographer there for the whole reception. An hour or so after dancing starts is perfect.

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What do you think? Would YOU do any of these to save some money on your Denver wedding photography? Why or why not?

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And while you’re here looking for tips, make sure you grab my FREE guide: Don’t hire your wedding photographer without asking these FIVE questions!

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  1. Amy

    This has some great advice. Sometimes it can be hard to cram in everything in a few hours but if you plan well it can be done. I also think that brides can cut on some other things personally, photographs are the one thing they walk away with other than their person, they are important!!


  2. allysonwasmundphoto

    What great tips to help with the wedding budget! I think this allows so much flexibility when you want to hire a great photographer that might be just a little out of reach. I definitely would do some of these suggestions!


  3. aliciayarrish

    These are great tips! I know it’s going to help people cut some costs. I find that the first look often lessens photography coverage needed as well. And travel- because who wants to pay someone a lot of money an hour and not get photos from it?


  4. Georgia

    This is amazing! I wish I knew these when I was getting married because these tips are awesome!
    It add up but an expense you need to make so it’s nice to see another way with it!


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