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Best Denver Wedding Venues

When I shared a recent blog on my artistic Denver photographer Facebook page (come ‘like’ me!), I received a question that inspired me.

Well, let me back up! The blog was all about reasons to get married in Denver instead of the mountains, and nearly a thousand of you read it! Which totally blew my mind, by the way.

But the question I got was, “What are your favorite Denver venues?” There are so many. Seriously.

I did a quick search for wedding venues in Denver, and one wedding planning website returned over 900 hits!

I’ve only photographed weddings at a fraction of that number, so this list is just based on places I’ve shot. But here are just a few of my faves.

Best Denver Wedding Venues

The ART, a hotel Weddings

The ART is just so cool. They’re right downtown, so you can see the buildings AND the mountains. They have a gorgeous patio, indoor/outdoor space, and a ballroom you can completely transform. Perfect for the couple with a little edge.

The ART hotel wedding The ART hotel wedding The ART hotel wedding The ART hotel wedding

The Pinnacle Club – The Grand Hyatt Weddings

I’ve talked about this before, but to me what is so Denver is the mix between city and those Rockies. The Pinnacle Club has it all, and it’s indoors! So if it’s super hot or cold, you can still enjoy that view.

Denver Hyatt Wedding

The Sanctuary Wedding

OK, not technically in Denver, I know. But come on – it’s really close. And you really cannot beat this spot. You can have everything at one place. You get amazing views, and it’s easy to get around. Plus you don’t have to drive all the way out into the mountains.

Sanctuary wedding

The Skyline at 360 Weddings

This is a new one – I did a styled shoot here and just loved the vibe. Perfect for more intimate ceremonies up to 125 guests. Pro tip? Make sure everyone’s up there for sunset!

Skyline 360 Wedding

Le Meridien Weddings

Another new spot, I shot here with Kathyrn Marble as her second/third photographer. So unique, they have the lobby split with two different decors. And a rooftop. Am I becoming predictable?! Haha

denver wedding ple meridien weddinghotographer

le meridien wedding

OK, I’m going to have to make this a two-parter! There are so many cool spots. Did I miss yours? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Aida

    I have seen so many weddings shot in Denver and they are gorgeous! I am sure that this list will be so helpful for brides and grooms looking for a venue. Amazing work!


  2. Joshua Jones

    This is great blog with information about finding right venue for any couples that want to get married in Denver area. I know it is not easy to find right venue since I worked as fundraiser for non-profit organization and it took a while to find right venue to host events. I hope you don’t mind if I make a suggestion here – when you share the best venues, please show the pictures of venue itself than just couples because some of us might not be familiar what these venues look like so it would give us better idea of what it looks like before we pay the visit to these venues.


  3. Jennifer Mills Blume

    These are all gorgeous venues – I particularly love The Pinnacle Club, such incredible views! I definitely think there are some great venues in Denver for gorgeous weddings without having to tackle I70! Can’t wait for part two!


  4. MINH

    Wow! You have some fabulous wedding venues in Denver. I love the one with the mountain views! That is definitely something you can’t get here in Houston, TX!


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