denver engagement photos

Why are there so many “What to Wear for your Denver Engagement Photos” Blog Posts?!

You know those days where no outfit seems ‘right’? When you’re trying on everything and loving nothing? I’ll be honest, sometimes I have those moments when I’m doing something off-duty as an artistic Denver wedding photographer, like going out to grab a few drinks.

So, of course it’s not easy to choose an outfit for your engagement photos. After all, you’ll have these photos for a LONG time! It’s a little higher-stakes outfit selection 😊

denver engagement photos

And everyone has something to say about, which can only make things more overwhelming and complicated. It seems like every single Denver wedding photographer (or every photographer, period), has written about it.

You may be wondering, WHY? How many times do we need to read the same darn tips?!

denver engagement photos

Well, there are two main reasons.

Reason #1: I’m going to be very honest with you here, so hang on. It’s an extremely easy blog post to write. So many Denver wedding photographers have given this advice SO many times, it’s like second nature. Writing it up takes very little time or effort. Plus, it’s helpful! And it’s a very common question.

Reason #2: Different photographers have different recommendations based on their style, so every photographer’s post is going to be a little different. A modern city photographer may not recommend the flowy, tree-nymph dress that a windswept mountain top photographer would love her clients to wear.

BONUS: My tips for what to wear during your Denver engagement session

Ultimately, I want you two to feel confident – that’s the most important thing. That means clothes that fit you well, that you’re comfortable in, and clothes that just make you feel a little extra special when you put them on.

denver engagement photos

On top of that, here’s my advice:

What to wear for engagement photos

I love the look of solid, bright colors to bring you off the background.

You two should look like you ‘go together’ without being ‘matchy matchy’. Pick a color palette you can both wear.

denver engagement photos

Shoes matter! Wear a pair that are cute, but also functional for the environment. I love heels, but if we’re walking around in the mountains, make sure you bring a second pair you can slip on and off easily.

Avoid logos or words on your clothing. It’s distracting!

If you’re not super confident doing your own hair and makeup, considering treatin’ yo’ self and getting it done for real.

denver engagement photos

Denim always photographs well.

If there’s time in your session, do a second look. One that’s a little more casual, and one that’s a little dressier.

Feel free to send me photos! I’m more than happy to share my perspective!

denver engagement photos

That’s it! Sometimes I’ll alter my advice a little depending on where we shoot, but if you take care of that stuff, I’ll handle the rest 😊

It’s such an incredible honor to create engagement photos for my clients! Have more questions? Feel free to contact me!

PS Looking for a wedding photographer? Make sure you grab my free guide: Don’t Hire Your Wedding Photographer Without Asking These FIVE Questions.

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