south mesa engagement

South Mesa Boulder Engagement Photos

south mesa engagement I’m so excited to share with you a set of photographs I shot last year with a great, fun couple at South Mesa. I had the opportunity to do a engagement shoot with Rebecca and Joe, a lovely couple, happily in love, looking for engagement photography for their upcoming wedding I also had the honor of photographing their wedding in September.

south mesa engagement

If you know me at all, you know I’m all about Denver engagement photography, and so it should come as no surprise that I was thrilled to plan a shoot with the happy couple!

I wanted to help Rebecca and Joe create something unique, with an artistic vision, that they could feel they really, truly owned. It was decided that we would go shoot at South Mesa Trailhead in Boulder, and what a gorgeous day it was for South Mesa engagement photography out in the mountains!

south mesa engagement

The sun was on our side and the lighting was perfect. I love Rebecca and Joe’s easygoing nature; they were an absolute pleasure to shoot! You can effortlessly see the love between them in their pictures.

south mesa engagement

And of course, what engagement photo shoot would be complete including the whole family? That’s right, Rebecca and Joe’s little white dog Moe also played a supporting role in this photoshoot. The little pupper really adds some whimsy and fun to their shots!

south mesa engagement

The happy couple was married at the Grand Hyatt on September 3rd, and what a gorgeous day it was! Stay tuned for the blog on their Grand Hyatt wedding. I wish Rebecca and Joe all the best in their future together, from engagement to wedding to daily life and many milestones ahead.

south mesa engagement

Melissa Hirsch Photography is a wedding photographer specializing in unique, artistic, and authentic wedding photos in Denver, Colorado, and worldwide.

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