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Hey guys! Today’s post is a really fun one: two truths and a lie. I recently posted on Instagram three statements about myself: two were true, and one was a lie. Since I don’t feel like Instagram really gives me enough space to explain, I’m going to share the answer here. Read on!

First, the original post. Here it is:

I’ve been seeing a fun game going around: two truths and a lie – Instagram edition! So I’m jumping on board. Which one is the lie?

1. I always dreamed of travelling growing up. Now I’ve been to all of these amazing countries: Greece, The UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the Netherlands!

2. Even though I always loved art growing up, I decided to pursue a philosophy degree, thinking I’d become a lawyer. I even took the LSAT! I changed my mind and moved to Colorado with basically no plan.

3. My husband I got engaged after dating for a week. What can I say?! When ya know, ya know.
OK, what do you think? What’s true, and what’s a lie? Tell me in the comments below!


Do you know? Answer below, so keep reading!

Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

  1. LIE: I always wanted to travel, but the lie is that I’ve been to Mexico – everything else is true!
  2. TRUTH: I didn’t study, but I took the LSAT before moving to Denver from Atlanta. I actually did OK, but only bothered to apply to one school. I didn’t get in, which was actually what I wanted at the time.
  3. TRUTH: Kyle and I had been friends for a year, studying philosophy like a couple of crazy people. One day we woke up, realized we were in love, and a week later decided to get married. A year later, we did, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.


Did I surprise ya? I want to hear YOUR two truths and a lie, too!

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