Top Five Guilty Pleasures | Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographer

OK, I have to preface this blog with a disclaimer: I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures.

What’s the point of feeling bad about something you enjoy?

At least for me, I get caught up in my goals and daily tasks, and it can sometimes be easy to forget how important it is to enjoy life. If that comes in the form of Jersey Shore? Who cares?

But still, I know some of these things aren’t good for me. And sometimes I do them anyway. So I feel a little bad. But not really 😊 So here they are – my top five guilty pleasures.

  1. Reality TV: Confession time – I really truly believe that Teen Mom and Jersey Shore are some of the best TV shows EVER. I also love Mad Men, Westworld, Breaking Bad, and other “real” shows. But I really love reality TV.
  2. Ice cream: If I could eat ice cream all day every day I would. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my fave, but truth be told, I’d be happy as can be if I could try a new flavor from Sweet action every day. And it’s gotta be in a waffle cone.
  3. Doing nothing: Oh my gosh, I LOVE a lazy day. A day where you stay in sweat pants and yoga clothes all day. A day where you walk the dogs, drink coffee, and do all your normal daily stuff EXACTLY when and if you feel like it. There’s Netflix, a book, maybe a lunch time glass of wine. You get the picture. Days like that don’t come along often anymore, but when they do, I am ALL in.
  4. Phone time: This is probably the one I’m actually the most guilty about. I don’t love all the screen time, but dang, do I love scrolling Insta, Facebook, Snapchat. I have a few little games I like to play. I’m honestly conflicted, because I DO enjoy that stuff. It’s just sometimes I’m on there TOO much – ya feel me?
  5. Coffee: I drink several cups of coffee a day. Don’t worry, I’m not insane – most of those are decaf. I have probably two cups of full-caff coffee a day. But coffee is such a treat for me! I love how it smells, how it tastes. It’s my fave.

Do you believe in guilty pleasures? What are yours? Tell me in the comments below!

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