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Have a question but you’re not ready to reach out? Wondering how I knew that? Because that’s 100% what I would do!

I promise I’m really nice and won’t try to pressure you into booking me! But here are some common questions and answers in the meantime.

How much does it cost to hire you?

It depends on what you want for your artistic Colorado wedding photography coverage! Prices start at 3200.00 for six hours of coverage, including an account credit. You can see more information on my pricing page here.


Let’s say I want to hire you as my artistic Colorado wedding photographer. What happens next?

First we do a happy dance! I’m so honored to capture my clients’ wedding days.

Then, we officially reserve your date with a 500.00 retainer. Your remaining balance is divided into three payments due between now and your wedding.

That’s the boring stuff, though.

Now for the fun stuff!

We’ll do your engagement photos (if you want them). We’ll get together to plan your artistic Colorado wedding photography, including your timeline. It’s so important we get those photos of your friends, family, and loved ones in addition to setting aside plenty of time to get portraits of just the two of you!

If I’m free, I’d also love to attend your walk through and/or your rehearsal dinner – not to shoot (though I do offer rehearsal dinner coverage), but to see the space and get to know some of your important people.


What is your photography style?

This is such a tough one! It’s like asking, “What’s your style of being a person?”

What I can share is what I keep in my heart while I’m photographing and editing your wedding photos.

  • Is it an emotional or real moment?
  • Will this make my couple smile, or laugh, or maybe tear up?
  • Will they enjoy this photo 20 years from now? Will they have fun sharing them with their children or nieces and nephews? Will the one day share them with their grandchildren?

Maybe you can tell, I’m not big into trends in photography. Even though I think those moody darker photos that are popular right now are beautiful, what many of my clients tell me is that they love how bright and happy my photos look. And that makes me really happy as an artistic Colorado wedding photographer.



Do you photograph families? Can you cover my event?

I’m no longer accepting family and event clients. Artistic Colorado wedding photography only! Unless you’re a former client, of course 😊


How about engagement sessions?

My collections include a credit you can use in a number of ways, including on an engagement session. Or, you can add an engagement session for 500.00. Thinking about an engagement session, but you’re not sure? Read this blog post!


What is included in your collections?

You can check out all my pricing details here! But you get me (no associates photographers here), your coverage, and all the edited hi-res images. Every wedding is different, but it usually ends up being around 700 photos.

There’s also a credit included in my collections, so you can get what you WANT! Don’t want an engagement session? Fine with me. Want a book, but don’t need a second shooter? Sweet! It’s your day! Contact me to chat about all the ways you can use your credit.


Do I have to order prints or a book through you?

Nope! I deliver hi-res edited images, which means you can print, create your own book, share online – basically do anything but sell them. 😊 However, I offer gorgeous, professional only products. You’ll be hard pressed to find better quality, though I absolutely guarantee you can find less expensive products!


I’m getting married in the mountains. Do you charge extra?

Not if I can drive home at the end of the night! If it’s not safe, I just ask you to cover a hotel room the night of your wedding. That’s right, free travel! Who doesn’t love free?


I’m so clueless about hiring a photographer. Any advice?

YES! So much advice. This is something I’m really passionate about.

Photography is basically an unregulated industry. Unlike cosmetology or law or so many other industries, you don’t have to be licensed to be a photographer. You don’t have to take a single art class. You don’t have to purchase insurance.

All you need is a camera and a computer.

What does this mean? It’s EASY for consumers to get tricked and taken advantage of.

I’ve dedicated much of my blog to these issues – if you check out my home page, I’m sure you’ll several headlines with tips and tricks to helping you plan your wedding from a professional’s perspective.

But, I also have a very special free resource available for download: Click here to get it!


Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Is it?! Expensive is relative! What’s expensive to one person is hardly worth mentioning to another.

What I will say is that experienced and highly-rated professional artistic Colorado wedding photographers tend to charge more than newbies or people do this for fun. FWIW, I don’t know any greedy millionaire photographers!

Two sayings come to mind:

  1. You get what you pay for. It’s true! If you get a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful! And read the previous question!
  2. Good. Fast. Pick two. Yup. Your wedding photos can be two of those three things!


How do you know what photos to take?

A lot of how I know which photos to take can’t be put into words. I’ve been to enough weddings to predict when emotional or important moments are going to happen – that’s what makes me an artistic Colorado wedding photographer!

But I also go through extensive measures to make sure we talk about your shot list. This mostly applies to your formal shots with friends and family. We basically talk about what order we’ll do the photos in, where, and how, so you know how much time to set aside and which photos to take.

Besides all that, it’s really a matter of being observant and sneaky (I like those candid moments so much, and I do everything in my power to capture them – not interrupt them).