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How Do I choose a Wedding Photographer?

boettcher mansion weddingPlanning a wedding can be tough. Even though it’s a happy and exciting time, there are a LOT of decisions to be made. Just one of a million is finding your Denver Wedding Photographer.

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With over a thousand wedding photographers serving Denver, how do you choose?

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There are countless lists out there with tips on how to hire your photographer, but as a Denver wedding photographer myself, I found a lot of them to be wholly unhelpful.

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So I put together my very own guide. It’s 100% free, and just for you 😊

You can access it here.

But in the meantime, I want to share some more general considerations.

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Denver wedding photographer Experience

Denver wedding photography is one of those fields that is totally unregulated. Anyone can purchase a camera, call themselves a wedding photographer, and start shooting. While that can be a wonderful thing, it’s also important that couples protect themselves! Make sure your photographer has the experience required to create the photos you want.

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Denver wedding photographer personality

Your Denver wedding photographer’s personality may seem negotiable or something worth taking a gamble on, but I promise it isn’t. This person is going to be your personal paparazzi all day on your wedding – you loving or hating them makes a big difference.

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Denver Wedding Photographer Style

It’s so important to find a photographer with a shooting and editing style you love. Hiring a photographer whose portfolio is all the dark moody style and asking for bright happy photos is NOT your best bet. Some things to consider are whether you prefer lighter or darker photos; more or less posed photos.

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Some of theses things will be obvious as you search around your photographer’s website and social media – or even a consultation. But others are a little trickier to figure out. This is why I created my guide – it’s five questions you can ask your photographer to get the REAL story.

greece denver destination wedding

Tired of scouring the internet looking for the perfect photographer? Contact me today!

PS Looking for more fun?! Come follow me on Instagram! We have pugs.

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  1. kathryn

    These are great tips for choosing a wedding photographer! It’s so true that you need to like our personality as we will be with you alll day! 🙂


  2. aliciayarrish

    Such great points when finding your wedding photographer! It’s so important that you and your couples are a great fit- this will steer your potential brides and grooms in the right direction!


  3. Melissa

    Such great tips for finding your Denver wedding photographer! Its so important to make sure you and your clients are a good fit for each other. I love your shots. They are all so dramatic!


  4. Jason Park

    Every single picture looks so candid! This is what I look for when I try to get some pictures clicked, however, wedding pictures are a league apart. The more I scroll through and the more I realize the importance of getting a professional and committed photographer for my big day.


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