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Should I Elope? | Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning your Denver wedding, chances are you’ve asked yourself the following question: Should I Elope?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and start to wonder – what’s the point of a big wedding?

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Elopements have become more popular for a number of reasons. In Colorado, couples are opting to self-officiate on top of a mountain rather than go through the wedding planning craziness. Also, second marriages are more common than ever before, and many couples opt for something simpler than their first wedding planning experience. And let’s not forget about the money! The average cost of a wedding in Colorado is about 31,000. You can plan a fabulous elopement for just a fraction of that cost.

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I remember when I was planning my Atlanta wedding, I wanted to elope. Besides being TOTALLY stressed out by the planning process, I worried all the wedding ‘nonsense’ would distract from what was really important – my and my husband’s commitment to each other. I felt a wedding would be a circus – maybe even a conspiracy to be materialistic when I wanted to feel grounded.

Although having a wedding may not be theright decision for everybody, I am so glad we had one.

A wedding is one of those experiences that are tough to describe – you really have to go through it. But looking back, I can see a few reasons why I’m glad I didn’t elope.

why I’m glad I didn’t elope

It’s so rare to publicly celebrate love.

Maybe it’s because our culture values being single, partying, being young. But a commitment like marriage isn’t something we really celebrate. A wedding is your chance to do that. And it’s pretty amazing.

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Everyone you love is there.

It’s a surreal feeling – not only is everyone YOU love there, but you get double the love from your new spouse’s friends and family, too. I know, every family has drama. But on your Denver wedding day, it really doesn’t matter.

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Everyone is happy for you.

Weddings are one of those rare events in life that are just happy. Sure, things may not go exactly as planned, but the day is truly a celebration from beginning to end. There’s just nothing like it.

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To wrap things up, only you can really answer the question, Should I elope? For me, the answer was, no. I was surprised by how much my wedding meant to me.

But the truth is, whether you do it in front of two hundred people, or it’s just the two of you, you’ll still be married, happy, and beginning your new life together. That’s what is important.

Denver to Greece destination wedding

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Thanks for reading, and happy planning!

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